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  • q-iconWhy Batteries?

    High margins are great, but unless your donors see value they typically won’t respond favorably. Household batteries are an in demand product that every household wants, needs and uses. We brand the waterproof battery assortment packs with your logo and images, and because we are the manufacturer your margins remain excellent.

  • q-iconDo we Need to Purchase the Batteries First?

    No. To get you started we send your customized fundraising forms, fundraiser starter pack, and a free report on tips to maximize your fundraise. We also set up your own customized online portal where your fundraisers can use social media, email and online channels to promote the campaign. Once the campaign is over let us know how many boxes you need and we ship them to you free of charge. Pay only for boxes you sell – after the fundraise is over.

  • q-iconAre There any Additional Fees or Charges?

    No. Unless your specific state has a tax requirement our company includes everything you need at zero cost to you. Regardless of how many packs are sold we will even ship them to you free of charge. 10 or 10,000 – always free.

  • q-iconHow Long Does it take to get Set Up?

    If you are in a rush we can get you started in as little as one day. Typically we recommend a few days to get set up properly, receive your forms, co-ordinate your fundraisers and train them appropriately.

  • q-iconIs There a Minimum Order?

    No. And that also stands for for our branded Assortment packs that feature your groups logo and images. 10 boxes to 10,000 we can handle your order and shipping for your total order is always free

  • q-iconWhat Types of Groups Use Your Battery Fundraising?

    Any groups that want to keep donors happy while maximizing fundraising margins! A typical client might be schools, sports teams, bands, wrestling teams, churches, choirs or local non profit groups.

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