Frequently Asked Questions

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  • q-iconAre there fees, charges or minimums with CG3 Fundraising?

    NO! There are no fees, hidden charges or minimums with CG3 Fundraising unless your specific state has a tax requirement. On top of that, free shipping to all donors in the USA is an added bonus for your fundraiser.

  • q-iconHow do I get started?

    Easy. Contact us and we will quickly get you set up with your fundraiser. It’s as easy as answering a few questions and we go to work on your fundraiser. We can have your fundraiser planned, custom branded website created and your fundraiser launched within one week.

  • q-iconHow Can CG3 Fundraising Help Me Maximize My Fundraiser’s Revenue?

    CG3 Fundraising, unlike any other fundraising organization, utilizes a highly consultative process in planning, launching, and managing your fundraiser including providing real-time analytics and reporting during your fundraiser to assist in identifying trends and opportunities for additional revenue while your fundraiser is active.

  • q-iconWhat Types of Groups Use CG3 Fundraising?

    Any groups that want to keep donors happy while maximizing fundraising margins! A typical client might be schools, sports teams, bands, wrestling teams, churches, choirs or any non-profit organization doing fundraising.

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