CG3 Helps Schools Fund their Acqusitions........

CG3 Fundraising partners leverage our fundraising expertise to help place their products and services into schools that don't have the funds. No longer does money have to be an issue for your valued school clients. CG3 comprehensive fundraising programs can quickly and easily make acquiring your product or service a reality.

The Athlete Intelligence platform goes beyond cryptic data points and isolated measurements. It empowers coaches and athletic trainers to access the useful insights that create coachable opportunities, and in turn maximize long-term player potential.

The core functionality of the Athlete Intelligence platform pairs with our state-of-the-art Vector™ MouthGuard, Cue™ Sport Sensor and ShockBox® Helmet Sensor to deliver a comprehensive solution for more than just hit detection and athlete safety. It helps coaches and athletic trainers build strategies around the tactics that win games.

Learn more https://athleteintelligence.com/


The new Athlete Intelligence platform exposes the invisible data that surrounds every athlete, giving coaches and athletic trainers the ability to translate what happens on the field into a competitive advantage when and where it matters.



Lot Worx is a national supplier and installer of innovative ground markings, specifically to the Education sector. We offer a full line of games for all ages as well as Traffic markings for parking lots.    We have a diverse catalog of games and designs that are long lasting, inspire kids to become active, get off screen and work together.





Our markings are produced with non-toxic substances (no VOC’s). We use only UV resistant, organic pigments which create the crisp, vibrant colors. After many years in the commercial paint business, we were determined to find a better product which added lasting value and that elevated a school’s playground. We realized that we needed products that had to withstand intensive, high traffic areas where maximum wear and tear was present all while remaining cost effective. We were determined to replace dull, labor intensive, expensive paint applications to give kids a visual and physical experience that might just change their lives!

Learn more http://lotworx.com/

Visual Sports Photography

Visual Sports Photography is a full service youth sports and events photography company.  We have been servicing the Florida area for over 35 years with products produced in our full service digital production facility in Lakeland. We control quality from the time our professional photographers take the photo, through final production and delivery. This ensures that our customers receive only the highest quality products available.

Sports Team Photos

Visual Sports Photography is proud to offer our customers the most exciting line of products available. From our Custom Memory Mates, specifically designed for each league or school, to our Metallic Action Posters, which are designed and customized for each athlete. Visual Sports Photography's products are unmatched in detail, color, and graphic design.


Learn more https://www.visualsportsphotography.org/

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If your company sells products to schools, we can help you sell more.

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    "We Just Don't Have the Money".....

    If you are like most companies selling into to Schools this is the objection you hear most. We help vendors eliminate that objection and help schools acquire the valuable products and services they need.

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    CG3 Fundraising can Help you Eliminate that Objection.....

    Our unique fundraising options help Schools and non profit groups quickly and easily raise funds to cover the costs of your offering. CG3 handles all the heavy lifting throughout the entire process.

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    In Demand, Popular Product for Fundraising

    Our custom branded household battery assortment packs provide donors with a product every household uses, wants and needs - household batteries. Because we are the manufacturer schools keep a very high margin while saving donors up to 50% off retail cost for their batteries.

What Our Clients Say

" We have run 2 very successful fundraisers with CG3. CG3 makes the fundraising process simple and easy! The batteries sell great and having our logo on the order forms and assortment packs makes a difference. Fundraising with something everybody needs is a no brainer. Highly Recommend!"

Geri Maryland, Harrison Band Boosters


Sarah O'Donnell Key Club in Arkansas City KS Middle School

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And Embrace a World Where Financing is No Longer an Issue!

  • q-iconHow Does the Program Work?

    Schools love your product or service but just don’t have the money to spend. Partnering with CG3 provides schools the ability to fund the acquisition quickly and easily using our unique fundraising option.

  • q-iconWhy is CG3 a Better Fundraising Option?

    Most fundraisers use tired old standby’s like junk food, scratch cards or other low value offerings. CG3 provides a product every household needs, uses and wants – batteries. Because we are the manufacturer donors save money (up to 50% over retail)  while supporting a great cause.

  • q-iconAre There any Fees?

    Nope. Not for you, or the school. We provide a turnkey solution to our partners. Just call us when you need our services and we will work alongside the school and your group with the end goal of creating a fundraising plan sufficient to cover the acquisition. Our schools also don’t ever pay for donor cards, custom box branding, shipping or anything else.

  • q-iconAre Your Batteries High Quality?

    The highest. In fact 3rd party testing shows our batteries meet or exceed the performance of all major brands.

  • q-iconWhere Can We Learn More?

    Details on our Program can be found here www.fundraisingpower.org or call toll free 866-29-POWER (866-297-6937)

  • q-iconDo You Provide Support?

    Absolutely. We provide all the promotional collateral and training your sales people need to communicate the benefits of our program. We are always available to step in anytime in the process to provide support and guidance.